A mention in Andreas Steinhöfel’s blog

This week I had the great honor to hear from one of my idols of the youth, Andreas Steinhöfel. The author emailed me and asked if he could publish some of my old storyboard pictures in his new blog entry. Steinhöfel wrote the novel ‘Die Mitte der Welt‘ (The Center of the World) 1998. I’ve adored this book ever since. The story is about growing up and being different in a small village. It’s adorable written and very inspiring.

2008, I created a short storyboard about a scene out of the book.

2008 storyboard 'Die Mitte der Welt' from Andreas Steinhöfel shot 02
Excerpt from the storyboard, 2008

8 years later, Jakob M. Erwa made a film about the novel. However, the scene, which I’d made the storyboard for, didn’t make it into the movie. Nevertheless, my work caught the attention of the author years ago. It’s one of his favorite parts of the movie too.

Interesting side fact

Steinhöfel describes humans with a limited horizon as small people. I had a weird conversation lately with one of them, actually. He didn’t know me and was very surprised, that I hadn’t had the girl’s dream. So, what’s this all about, I’d asked. He explained it to me: Girls dream of a man and family. Even in the 21st century that’s all that a girl has to dream for, hasn’t she?

I think this is, in fact, a real dream coming true: Appreciation from another artist, who’s work inspired me so much.