development of delusion

After Victoria Wolfersberger and I presented the progress of our short film project delusion at University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg today, I would like to tell you something about the genesis of the project.

Amazed by the beauty of nature, a little girl gets lost in the forest and tries to find her way back. While stumbling around she starts to perceive mysterious creatures. Will she be able to escape them?

delusion by Lisa Mona & Victoria Wolfersberger
delusion beginning

First, I started in the summer semester of 2015 with the project of a new animated short film on my own, at that time the title was “Through the Woods”. But already at the end of that semester I got support from my fellow student Victoria Wolfersberger, who created the sound design. The venture developed into a larger project, which we continued after the summer holidays. Briefly, we also got support from Petra Königstorfer.

To see the intermediate result, the password “delusion” must be entered.


I also saw the character animation for this project as a research project. First, I created a frame-by-frame animation in Adobe Photoshop. This means that I drew every single frame of the 12 fps animation. Here is a small excerpt from Walk-Cycles:

Finally, I decided to take a completely different approach to character animation. For this I worked with a 2D puppet based on both frame-by-frame and computer animated animation.

You can see the final result on this Landing Page.