Fish for Life. Introduction.

Our new project we have been working on since March 2017 is called Fish for Life, a 3d animated short. The story is based on the novel The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. We will bring the old classic into a new context.

It’s a common situation taken from life: people reach a point where they can not go any further. They are digging themselves into an incredibly heavy burden position just to reach an impossible goal. The initial stubbornness becomes obsessive and pushes people to their limits. Our animated film Fish for Life picks up on this problem, which is anchored in society.

The Story

Fish for Life tells the story of Manolin, an outdated fisherman who lives in Norway. He has not caught anything for weeks. Manolin lives for his work. Unfortunately, he can no longer keep up with the new technology and also rejects it strictly.

Then one day he has reached the point, where he leaves the safe harbour and set out to the open sea. He desperately want to get his big catch. Far away from home, in unknown waters, the first fish finally bites. Surprisingly the creature is so strong that it pulls the old fisherman’s boat with him. Manolin gets into a terrible storm. But the fisherman tend not be able to let go and forgets everything around him.

The fight for the fish becomes a fight for survival in the end.

Our team

Kerstin Blätterbinder
Modelling, Animation, Lighting, Compositing

Lukas Mathä
Modelling, Water Simulation, Texturing & Shading

Victoria Wolfersberger
Music, Sound design, Modelling, Lighting, Compositing

I am the art director of Fish for Life. Furthermore I was responsible for some modelling stuff, the texturing and shading of the characters and objects and I will do some character animation too.

If you’re interested in this project, check out our new website.