Self-employed filmmaker

It’s official – since 3.1. 2020 I’m registered as a self-employed filmmaker. I’m so overwhelmed and proud and also excited thinking of how I will handle future challenges. It’s a huge step for me and also for my personal development, as I was always told that I couldn’t accomplish such risks associated with business ownership and that I should take safe routes instead. Nevertheless, I am by nature very self-employed and I count myself as a strong person who never gives up and cannot easily be influenced in his life decisions by external influences like these.

Frankly, I’m still worrying. But at the same time, I’m absolutely sure, that development has to do with finding new ways and having the courage to shrug off your past. With the emotional support of my friends, I feel strengthened and ready to overcome my fears. The success with Fish for Life, our final project at the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg, also contributes a lot. As well as the fact that every day many people visit my website and also seek personal contact, gives me strength and confidence. That is why I would like to thank all those who support me in one way or another!

Thanks a lot and see you soon.