How much does an animation video cost?

The cost of an animation video made individually for you depends on the duration of the video and the scope of the project. I would like to go into more detail about the individual price factors in this article in order to make my pricing transparent.

Price factors

Animationsvideo Kosten – Lisa Mona

Different techniques

Whether scribbled, drawn, 2D graphics, 3D worlds or stop-motion – each technique requires a different amount of time. For example, I can realise a hand-drawn 2D animation faster than a more complex 3D visualisation, which often requires three times the time.

Quality & creative implementation

A significant price factor is the style of the video, especially the quality of the illustration and animation. How complex are the settings? How many different looking and moving figures are used? How smoothly should the animation run? What and to what extent should everything move? These are all questions that I will clarify with you right at the beginning.

Video duration & production

Every second of moving image also affects the production time. It depends on how complex the animation is structured. For a smooth moving image, at least 24fps or 25fps are needed – that means 24/25 images per second. If each image is drawn individually, this requires more effort than a computer-generated motion graphic visualisation.

By the way, I asked the question about the optimal duration of your video in a separate post.

Corrections & Feedback

An additional factor are the structural loops, i.e. how often you want to readjust yourself. As a rule, I plan 2-3 correction loops for each project for design & conception as well as realisation. For each additional correction you wish to make, there is usually an extra charge. However, I will inform you in good time if we exceed the agreed time estimate.

Sound design & music

Not only the image, but also the sound has a significant influence on the effectiveness of your video. Do you need an explanatory voice to convey your message? In this case, I have to mobilise external forces and commission a recording studio. Such a recording is associated with additional costs starting at about 600 €. Supporting music also has its price. Depending on whether I search for licensed music from a database for you or whether you want an individual music production, the costs can vary greatly.


There are also creative solutions for smaller budgets. It should be noted that a complete package of animated and set to music moving image of about 15 seconds usually starts at € 1,200. For professional video productions, entry-level prices are around €4,000. However, the upper limits are open. Particularly elaborate techniques, creative storylines and a style that is developed individually for you are decisive for extremely different estimates of expenditure and the associated price calculations. In any case, individual consultation and agreement is advisable.

Of course, I will do this for you without obligation and free of charge. Feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you. I look forward to hearing from you!

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