Fish for Life at the 2 Days Animation Festival

Last week I was at the 2 Days Animation Festival, which took place Wednesday and Thursday in Vienna. It was an amazing event, where I met a lot of really interesting and awesome people. The animated film scene in Austria is essentially very manageable, so that you think you know everything well after a few years. Among other things, through the tricky women festival, which is also held in Vienna, Vienna’s cinemas offer a good meeting place for this small scene.

Our animated short Fish for Life was selected by the jury and included in the Austrian competition programme. Therefore, Kerstin Blätterbinder, Victoria Wolfersberger and I visited the screening. We felt very honored and pleased to see our work at the Filmcasino in Vienna on Wednesday the 27th of November. Our animated short was screened in the first Austrian competition selection. We got a lot of feedback on our animated short which was very interesting. Finally at the last day, we received a laudable mention for our work.

The jury of the 2 Days Animation Festival selected Alexander Gratzer as the winner. The filmmaker is a kind tall guy with a really crazy taste of humor. His animated short Apfelmus was very entertaining to watch. Here is a short excerpt from his successful work: