Master of Arts

Yesterday I completed my Master of Arts studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg, Upper Austria. Still, I can’t believe it. It’s amazing, how fast time passed. I finished my Bachelor‘s in 2016. Currently, I’m still working on Fish for Life, our final project. The work on this animated short is in its final throes.

My Master’s thesis, which I wrote in German, has the following translated title:

Nonverbal Expression in Animated Film –
Application of Acting Principles to the Animated Character

Master of Arts thesis: Abstract

This thesis considers acting principles used in animated films, which consciously tell the plot of figures without dialogue. Its aim is to reveal how narration is transported through the sophisticated use of non-verbal forms of expression. Among other things, the theories of Constantin Stanislavski and Rudolf Laban are discussed. The focus of this work is the analysis of selected expressive film examples. Particular attention is paid to the approach and perspective of four filmmakers—Sylvain Chomet, Michael Dudok de Wit, Erick Oh, and Timothy Reckart. Interviews with the directors Dudok de Wit and Reckart show individual approaches that are particularly discussed.

In order to trigger an emotional reaction in the audience, the animated performance plays an essential role. The character becomes the functionary of the animated film. Like an actor, the animated figure appeals to the empathy of the audience and causes them to emotional reactions. The thesis points out the possibilities of schematic and embodying animation in discourse. This shows how acting know-how benefits the animation and can affect reception and interpretation.