Delicious mini-world

In one of our projects for the University, we created a delicious mini-world. The goal is to bring this little world made of vegetables and fruits to life. We’re going to film ourselves in the green box and track us into this constellation. Therefore, we have created three scenes with moving objects like this citrus boat. It was quite fun to act and film in the photo studio, where we also create stop-motion artworks like faded. There, we had all the equipment we need, the best lights, boards, cameras, etc.

The scenes of our mini-world

First, we have a hot-air balloon ride in a nutshell. The balloon is garlic. It will start on the ground. One or two people will be placed in a nutshell. The first scene was edited by my dear colleague Wolfgang Kern.

The second scene shows a desert-like mini-world. There a tiny package lands. Someone will stand nearby to watch the parachute landing. This second scene was edited by Kerstin Blätterbinder.

And last but not least, there is the little citrus boat on the lake. After post-production, I will sit inside this yellow little boat, relaxing and enjoying my exquisite ride across the lake.

mini-world citrusboat by Lisa Mona

The difficulty of this project was to get a realistic composition out of the two different media. Therefore, we hat to minimize abrupt or unrealistic fast movements from the objects of the mini-world. Unfortunately, we couldn’t move the citron boat at a constant speed.