Small support for VR game ‘Letzte Worte’

This week my fellow students published their VR game Letzte Worte on steam. The story of the game is very profound and dark. As we were only fourteen to sixteen students at our master’s degree, we felt like a little family. Therefore, we supported each other and had followed up on the other projects. My study colleagues Matthias Patscheider, Samantha Povolny, and Bianca Zankl did a splendid good job on their VR game. It was like our project very ambitious and very time-consuming. In the end, before releasing the game on steam, I could support them a little bit.

About the VR game

Face your memories in a strange, broken fantasy world in the past. Not only the relationship with your brother is hidden, but also the suppressed event that led to his death. Face your greatest fear in this VR-designed adventure game.

Letzte Worte on steam (translated)

Fortunately, I was able to support this project a little bit. I did a few assets texturing with Substance Painter. I had a lot of fun texturing some kitchen stuff. For our own master’s project “Fish for Life“, I also used Substance Painter a lot.

Interested? You can find Letzte Worte on steam, it’s really worth digging into this deep and dark VR experience!