Stop-motion with wire

The magic of stop-motion caught me in the last months at the study project Home. It’s nearly unbelievable for someone who is new to this topic, that you need so much time for pre-production. Nevertheless, the work was a lot of fun for me so far. Currently, our team is working on the post-production. This includes image corrections and final editing.

The stop-motion making-of

Here is some short making-of shown, made by the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg.

Our team is shown at 02:41. The project is a short chain animation film with the topic refugees on their way to Austria. The animation will be based on a spoken text. The whole course of Analog Animation, this means 48 people, are working on this – in little teams of fours.

As you can see, our team has chosen wire as our creative medium. Our goal is to bring life in a human-shaped wire figure. Its walk through the image symbolizes the way of the refugee – to lose and find oneself in a new environment. The humbly way how the character moves speaks for the exhaustion of the man. Also, it can be read as some pieces of a barbed-wire fence.

Team members

Christian Enengl
Thomas Hosner
Anna Maureder

and me :)