ThrowAway – first film project

In the first post of my blog, I will tell you about the start of my first film project called ThrowAway at Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences and how the prototype came about. The project is planned for the winter semester of 2014/15. We plan to produce a 2D animation of a dance performance with a socio-critical aspect – consumerism. Our goal is to use a special rotoscoping technique to get a very realistic and fluid animation.

For the look of the short film, I tested out different drawing styles in Photoshop:

PRO3 prototype of ThrowAway

In Austria, according to a recent study, every third person is at risk shopaholic. These people lose more and more control while shopping and hauling loads of things back home that are not needed. At the same time, we live in a throwaway society – where nothing has long value. With each new shirt and every new electronic device, the inner pain grows. It creates short-term gratification.

In the midst of this rush, I stand there and suddenly it piles up in front of me: a sea of goods.

Film shooting

After we thought about interpreting the theme in the form of a dance, Gabriela Ferenczy developed a choreography to the music of Chris Zabriskie. On 14 November, we shot this dance performance as a reference for the final film. We shot at 60 frames per second to get an accurate rendering of the fast dance.

PRO3 shooting detail photo

We shot the whole performance in one piece on Friday night. Luckily we didn’t need many takes because Gabriela is a fabulous dancer. Everything went smoothly. With the help of Simone, the transitions were very smooth and fast. She was responsible for the equipment on set.

Gabriela also did the average of the raw material. We had a few pauses in the shot between the prop change. The seamless transition is to be done in rotoscoping.


After editing the reference footage, we started rotoscoping at 24 frames per second, which results in very fluid movement. I also animated the title sequence frame-by-frame.

For the intro, I chose a pair of jeans and a simple top as starting clothes so I can easily transform the top into a dress. The transformation from one piece of clothing to the next is also accompanied by a change in colour.


Our project has received a lot of admiration, which is a great honour for us four filmmakers. Here you can find the final film. Below you can see an illustration of our team that I created for the project presentation in early February 2015 in the style of our animated short film:

These are Trang, Gabi, Simone and Lisa Mona
Our team: Trang Le, Gabriela Ferenczy, Simone Huprich and I.