Concept Art for Fish for Life

This is an outtake of the concept art which I made for our animated short Fish for Life. I did a various research for the environment of the main character Manolin and his tools. So, I created his home, a small village in Norway. And also, I did some stills of his journey.


Fish for Life tells the story about Manolin, an outdated fisherman who lives in Norway. He has not caught anything in weeks. Manolin lives for his work. Unfortunately, he can no longer keep up with the new technology and also rejects it strictly.

Then one day he has reached the point, where he leaves the safe harbour and set out to the open sea. He desperately want to get his big catch. Far away from home – in unknown waters – the first fish finally bites. Surprisingly the creature is so strong that it is able to move the old fisherman’s boat. Manolin gets into a terrible storm. But the fisherman forgets everything around him.

The fight for the fish becomes a fight for survival in the end.

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