Da Opa hoid / Just Grandpa

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Da Opa hoid / Just Grandpa was made by Doris Rastinger, Samantha Povolny and me. The animated short is about the everyday confusion of a grandfather from the point of view of his granddaughter. Mina is always able to explain all his confused actions with the great imagination of a child.


Making of

This film was done in the winter semester 2016/2017. I’ve mentioned it also in my blog.

After designing, Doris modeled the settings with Autodesk Maya and overpainted them in Adobe Photoshop. Afterward, we used the software Moho to animate the main (black and white) characters. In contrary, the fantasy creatures were made with TV-Paint. This means, that we’ve used both bone-rigging and frame-by-frame animation.

Furthermore, I’ve done the sound design in Logic X Pro. Last but not least, we’ve arranged the whole footage in After Effects.


We’ve finished Da Opa hoid / Just Grandpa in July 2017. There were some suggestions for improvement of the sound design, which I’ve finished on the side in the summer semester this year.

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