delusion trailer

The trailer for our new animated short delusion. Sound and music by Victoria Wolfersberger. Besides that, there is also a brand new website to check out, with details of the project.

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The story

Amazed by the beauty of nature, a little girl gets lost in the forest and tries to find her way back. While stumbling around she starts to perceive mysterious creatures. Will she overcome her fears and surpass herself?

Making of

Victoria Wolfersberger and I are really proud of our work on that one. It took us approximately a year to finish the 2D animated short. I started the project in spring 2015, by defining the story and creating the first animatic.

It turned out early to become a bigger project. Luckily I got some support from Victoria, who did the whole sound design, music – and also some amazing VFX. That was the beginning of a successful collaboration.

Furthermore, the delusion team is grateful that their lecturers Patrick Proier and Christoph Schaufler always gave great input and feedback during the production process.

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