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delusion – Amazed by the beauty of nature, a little girl gets lost in the forest and tries to find her way back. While stumbling around she starts to perceive mysterious creatures. Will she overcome her fears and surpass herself?

Victoria Wolfersberger and I have been working on delusion – a 2D animation short – from spring 2015 to winter 2016. In the fourth semester at the University of Applied Sciences, the idea had been born. Inspired by the book The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Steven King, I started to create the concept and the first storyline of an animated short film. It turned out to become a bigger project. Luckily I got some support from Victoria, who did the whole sound design, music – and also some amazing VFX. That was the beginning of a successful collaboration.

Over a year ago we finished the movie and today we’re proud to present our work to the public.

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