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Lilou is a bored, chubby house cat who spends the day alone in an attic apartment. She’s frustrated, but she doesn’t know how to handle that feeling. The cat spends its time watching the birds passing through the skylight. It’ll wake her hunting instincts. And as the hunt becomes more and more manic, she is suddenly feeling something else…


Lilou is the result of a quick sculpting session. I want to animate a funny, cartoony character. Therefore, I made a few drafts, before I sculpted the figure in ZBrush. Then, I did the retopo in Autodesk Maya and the texturing in Substance Painter. I used the implemented renderer Arnold. Unfortunately, I still have some issues with the displacement map. But I hope I could fix that soon.

A good friend of mine, Markus Hadinger, will rig the fat cat. Afterward, I can animate it. I’m really looking forward to it.

Fat Cat craft by Lisa Mona
This is the draft of the cat character which I made before.

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