This is a 3D turnaround of Maxime, a character I created. I did the sculpting in zBrush, a quick texturing in Substance painter, and rendered Maxime in Maya with V-Ray.

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Character design

Maxime is a circus artist and an aerial acrobat. The young man is very strong and talented. Since he was a child he has been performing – he grew up at the circus. Maxime is a sensitive gay man, he loves the cirucus team like a family. His biggest dream is to reform the circus and exploit his own someday in the future.

Above you can see the character sheet which I did befor modelling. It was very quick and rough made. I tested a few colors, but I’ve change them at the end again whilst texturing in Substance. Because I think, that the dark pink colors suits Maxime better than the blue one.

  Maxime character sheet

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