Rosie’s Cat

This is a character study of an idea for a new animated short called Rosie’s Cat, which I had at the beginning of my master’s studies. It’s about an old English woman who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease like my grandma did. The story is told from the perspective of Rosie’s cat Harry. He is a pampered house cat who has an easy life until his mistress gets ill. When his comfortable daily routine ends, Harry has to take action.



Harry loves his life with Rosie, he has all privileges a house cat can dream of. Then, out of the sudden, Rosie forgets to feed her little prince. Instead, she eats his food herself. Little by little she losses all sense of time and space. But she tries to hide her confusion. Harry has to be very creatively and broaden his horizon to help Rosie.


The realisation of Rosie’s Cat

This should be approximately 4 minutes of 3d animation. The thoughts of cat Harry should be shown in 2d.


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